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Standard Duty Strapping

Standard-duty strapping is made of low carbon cold-rolled steel under rigid quality control guideline. It is designed to be used in light to medium-duty application like package reinforcement, unitizing, bundling, palletizing and box closure.

High Tensile Steel Strapping

Heavy-duty high tensile strapping is made of high carbon heat-treaded cold rolled steel. It is designed to be used in medium to heavy-duty applications where high break-strength, extra shock-resistance and elongation (stretch) are required.

All finishes are treated with a hard wax coating process. This lubrication allows the strapping to flow smoothly in automatic machines, tools and around corners of all products, skids, crates or cartons.

A hard baked-on gloss applied to both sides and edges helps the flow characteristics of the strapping.

Commonly used for prolonged outside storage, this finish offers greater rust resistance than regular painted material.

Oscillated wound steel strapping coils are shrouded. Skids are normally shroud wrapped with cardboard for protection in transit.