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Cold Drawn Bar is made from SBQ (special bar quality) HR bar.  It is drawn through a die reducing the cross-sectional area of the bar, and giving it a smooth ‘drawn’ finish.  Depending on the shape of the die, the finished product can have a round, hexagonal, square, or flat cross section.  Cold drawn bars have greater size accuracy, straightness, and increased tensile and yield strength, as well as improved machinability. In addition to standard cold drawn bars, it can be supplied as turned and polished, turned ground and polished and drawn ground and polished

Polygon provides Cold Drawn Bar in standard 1018, 1045 and 12L141,


  •          Flats: 1/8” – 3/16” up to 12”; ¼ - 1-1/2” up to 14-5/8”; 2-4” up to 12”
  •          Hexagon: ¼” – 4”
  •          Round: 1/8”– 6”
  •          Square: 1/4 – 4”